Portuguese online dating services

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Approximately 3,500 Algarvean members were exposed in the scandal!

Badoo is popular in Portugal with over 200 million members worldwide, although only 25 million are actually active.

What’s the alternative, hang around in a bar looking single?

” Whilst there are still many “traditional” ways to meet, such as at work, volunteering, clubs, inviting out acquaintances etc., these people are not necessarily available for a more intimate relationship and our busy lives make it difficult to meet likeminded people or to have the time to develop friendships.

On a dating site you know people are available and this can save the awkwardness of first dates because when you meet up, you are already close.

Social media has taken over people’s lives, so it is a natural extension to make new friends online.

However, it can be a stimulating and enjoyable way to make new friends.

I was surprised to find specific sites for different religions, ages, gender and even type of person, such as Muddy Matches for country folk and Vegetarian Daters.

In London there is a site for members to search by tube station for lunchtime dates!

The average age group is mid-twenties to mid-forties.

Confident, attractive individuals who could easily pick up a date by more traditional methods fill the sites and there are also those who lack the confidence to make friends in the “real world”.

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