Qualified dating dating for 50 and over

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Sometimes I’m going to have to look at the profile as a whole to make a decision. When you answer standardized questions on okcupid, it will use your answers to rank you among other users of the site. There are many personality traits I’m looking for that I didn’t include in my rating system because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find solid evidence without meeting in person, but this guy is also demonstrating some strong elements of the Type A personality I really like.In the bar graph above, the midline represents the average okcupid user, so this person is much less into exercise than the average person. Deciding whether someone is negative or pessimistic will be another item that requires looking at the big picture.I chose the free site okcupid because it has a large user base in my target market (Austin, TX) and uses both quantitative and qualitative data points which will make sussing out a qualified lead much easier.With all this data at my fingertips, the job I have before me is to put together a rating system that will allow me to quantitatively judge what is a fairly subjective task. For a dating landing page, I need to be able to numerically rate a lead – someone who messages me – instead of using my intuition, and I need to be able to gauge whether I’m attracting the kind of person I want to spend time with.

If a lurking Lothario contacts me who is prison-bound for living out the storyline of For our experiment, anyone who contacts me outside of this range will still be considered a lead, but they’ll just be an unqualified lead.They won’t waste your time and you won’t waste theirs.Deal-breakers for me include: I would score these with a zero if I find them in his profile.In business, these are the folks we just can’t help.They might get a short, polite email or a referral to a more suitable business.

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