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It marks the beginning of self-government and independence and the end of colonialism." It was the date that the powers, rights and privileges to decide the future destiny of Sabah were handed back to Sabahans, said Dr Jeffrey.

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We have introduced beauty into every day scenes that people with rare diseases find themselves and through these images we will tell the story of the people, their families, friends and hospital staff involved in their care.

I was the first person from my group to leave and have dialysis at home without going to the big hospital.

At home I can speak to my mum and family but there is not the same feeling.

When I went in there I got very upset and it took me a while to get over that. It has started to get easier because I knew a lot of the nurses from before and I knew most of the kids and we just formed a bond so everything became easier and less scary.

Having a supportive team around you is so important.

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