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Over the years, Sammul has matured a lot and lost the young boy feeling.In acting, his decisions doesn't change that easily, and that is one of the reasons why he's a popular choice for Mainland producers.Sammul said: "I am a committed person with expectations, I won't let productions that are no good go on air, so I really don't like to handle interpersonal relationships.I would rather spend more time on analyzing the script or discuss with the other cast. For example, when I have to do a sad scene, I would maintain that sad mood the entire day and wouldn't say a word.When the reporter asked Ivy why she decided to sign Sammul, who was still working as a DJ at the time, to be one of her managed artists?She said: "Simply because I supported him, also his vocals is very inspirational." Ivy said a newcomer with potential usually go a long way and now they've been working together for 10 years, the word 'fate' isn't enough to describe the connection.Recently Sammul came back to HK for three weeks, and its been like that for the past three years, he'll be flying back and forth between HK and China.

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The film crew also gets to stay in five star hotels. The production company will guarantee that these benefits will be available for us.Everything is just much more convenient." After departing from the HK television industry, Sammul got to enjoy the life of a common citizen, "In the past, I thought artists shouldn't be taking the bus or subway, but then again I thought to myself, I'm a taxpayer too, why am I hiding at home?Today, I frequently take the subway and during rush hours, I'll just put on a mouth mask." Sammul's manager Ivy accompanied him on this interview, the two have been working together for over ten years.He spent three years performing in China and finally gained recognition.On Weibo, he already has nearly 5 million fans following him and once his grand production Beauty at the Crossfires (烽火佳人) releases at the end of the year, his number of followers could probably exceed the HK total population.

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