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But then he stopped at his off-base apartment, saying he needed to pick something up, and I could certainly join him for a few minutes. As I noticed a package of chicken on the counter, and spices, and potatoes, he casually suggested, "Why don't we eat here first? And then I called my mom, who had a house full of little kids still.

" We had a few hours before the movies started, and besides, they ran continuously through the night. He poured me a drink (the legal drinking age was at 18 at the time) and I consumed it, too quickly, which has always been my style. I told her what happened – and that's when I finally cried. He squirmed and said that since I hadn't filed a police report immediately – that since I'd showered immediately after the incident -- it would be a difficult case.

They offered a special one-year program: candidates would live as 'civilians' and attend one of the country's top journalism school as part of their education. During this time, I took additional testing and earned a perfect score for ' Morse Code Intercept' and languages, which meant they really wanted me to learn Morse Code, and then Russian.

Even though I'd passed all the tests for photojournalist, I caved to their daily badgering, and signed away my first option.

I was 20, had already worked 3 years as a secretary at a major corporation in my hometown, and was impatient to 'grow.' I'd come in to the company all starry-eyed and within months had absorbed the tasks of two co-workers who'd been laid off, folks with years at the company and most with two-year degrees.

Welcome to Military, a military dating site where military singles living around the world meet!A few years earlier I'd considered the military as an alternative to a career in the business world.The recruiters all focused on education in their pitches, so I took some tests which revealed I was very qualified for a program that the Marines had – photojournalist. Boot camp was rough (9 weeks for the gals), and other than some minor back issues that developed from the daily PT (physical training), I did just fine.As he prepared dinner, I had another drink, and then a third. She was audibly upset, and asked what would happen. I promised I would go back to the chaplain Monday and seek guidance. A case of "he said, she said." I said I was angry and that what he did was wrong – and I wanted to pursue it.They were strong, and I hadn't eaten anything since lunch 6 hours earlier. Monday, I visited the chaplain – and told him I wasn't pregnant. He made an appointment with my commanding officer, and I met with the man Tuesday, who spoke a lot of legalese to me and said he'd get back to me.

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