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Wagner, though, has one of the players who was caught in her office and plays the “mom” role, trying to explain that these girls have feelings and emotions and the dangers of premarital sex.

For as tough as football players can be, all it takes is a caring female in your life to break down walls.

His advice: Go down to the local motel and split the cost of a room; it’s cheaper than the 0 fine.

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Stephens warns the guys that if it happens again, campus police will fine them 0.The documentary does a great job of balancing the shine around the team and the realities of Scooba, Miss., which is about 10 miles from the Alabama border in east-central Mississippi.From the dilapidated buildings to the ice baths on the sidelines of the practice fields, you sometimes forget you’re watching a documentary about a school in a town with a population of about 720 people.EMCC took a 24-game winning streak into last season.But as much as this series is about football, it’s about much more than that.

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