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Male muscovy ducks, for example, have corkscrew-shaped penises that spring out from their body in less than half a second and are 20cm long when erect. Some ducks also have barbs on their penises to scrub away competing sperm.

So females seem to have evolved vaginas that make it hard for a male duck to actually inseminate them, if they don't want it to, by forcing it towards the dead ends.

Many regulars are migrant workers who came to Beijing during China's economic boom of recent decades.

The crowds are aging: Thanks to online gay dating apps, fewer young men come to the park.

"Lady Paris," was arrested by police officers after visiting Dongdan Park in Beijing — the third time he was charged with "hooliganism" in seven years.

Sent to a labor camp for three years, Ning, now 77 and known as "Granny Paris," still keeps returning to the scene of his alleged crimes."It's like home," said Ning, who earned his exotic nickname in the 1960s after having a dalliance with a chef from Paris who was working for the French Embassy in Beijing.

With same-sex marriage unrecognized, adoption by gay couples prohibited and surrogacy banned, a majority of this group, she says, would marry women (including some lesbians, who face a similar stigma).

They want to quash rumors and have children to support them in their later years — and perhaps have grandchildren to dote on."This fling with guys is for now.

Some "money boys," or prostitutes, don't just charge for their services, but blackmail customers who fear their "hobby" may be leaked.

Some eventually become regulars, returning to seek a sense of belonging.

In the meantime, a few Chinese gay-rights activists persist in pushing for greater social recognition, and even marriage rights.

But in one section, up a hill covered in vegetation, men — old and young, well-dressed and casual, married and single — stroll on stone-paved lanes, making eye contact with others.

A sustained glance can develop into a smile and much more.

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