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"People don't just want to talk about sex all the time, and if they do, it's nicer to talk about it to someone you feel you connect with, and that's one reason why the social side of My Girl Fund is vital, and a very good idea.

Personally, I've never been in a situation where someone's come on too heavy or serious.

She's a 25-year-old single mother who enjoys "all the girly things you can think of," like horseback riding, swimming, and spoiling herself clothes shopping."Not only do guys join for fun," she says, "there are many reasons why they may choose to join.

Some are in need of a confidence boost to meet women in the real world, and, personally, I'd ask who is better to give them advice of what to do or be like towards a woman in person?

Perhaps she's been cherry-picked for me by the site's administrators as someone they knew would give positive feedback on her experience.

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"Of course it's not just about sexy things, many guys and girls on the site want a friend.

I have never had different persona for my online life. I also think there's a real need to appreciate that the online and offline worlds are not entirely two different beasts," she says.

Naughty Jo is a 28-year-old mother of two — "I work a full-time job, so my only other hobby is my kids" — and as she puts it, "I do use other sites and some of the guys on there know me from [My Girl Fund].

The next woman I speak to is Lenonie, a 43-year-old "happily divorced" woman from the South East: "Some of the guys just like to express themselves in ways they wouldn't feel comfortable doing in real life," she says.

"It's nice to reassure them that it's OK to have fantasies, fetishes, etc. They like a lady to confide in, share things with, and become a friend, so yes, friendships are formed and it's nice to have regulars that I feel I know very well." The more women I interviewed, the more I realised their responses were sincere.

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