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The land is 300 feet from the shore, just south of the South Shore Cultural Center.

It appears to be the only private property in Cook County that is completely underwater.

There is a second shorter stretch of underwater property that was likely part of Nichols Beach that is owned by Clarence Walsh of Jacksonville, Fla., according to property records. The two properties are the only two in the city known to be completely cut off from land.

Condo conversion No one would own any of the underwater land if developer Henry Dubin of Dubin and Dubin Architects didn’t want to build a .5 million high-rise condo building 140 feet out in the lake in 1954. South Shore Drive, sits with its eastern seawall on the boundary of where Lake Park Avenue once was.

It was the home of middle-class families that had risen to high-ranking management positions in local government, utilities and other businesses, but weren’t the titans of Chicago’s economy that were building lavish mansions farther north in Kenwood.

The best houses fronted Lake Park Avenue, a partially completed street that at the time was a block east of South Shore Drive.

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The land that made up the beach is still privately owned through a quirk in the law.SOUTH SHORE — There is a stretch of private land rarer in Chicago than a private beach, but it is almost impossible to see.That's because it is entirely underwater — meaning its owners literally lay claim to a piece of Lake Michigan.When the judge agreed, Dubin got to build his building literally into Lake Michigan, which now laps at the metal base of the property.The lake now covers Manhattan Beach, which once ran south of 71st Street.

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