Speed dating copenhagen denmark

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You move around the room until you have talked to every one.

There is a 10 minute break in the middle so you can go to the toilet and get another drink.

I've been to a handful of Dateina Dash events now and have always had a good time.

It's very relaxed and great to speak to such a variety of people. I got a drink at the bar downstairs and waited until the 8pm start time.

The host made was really friend and made sure everyone felt welcome.

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The event was really well organised and the organiser really helpful and entertaining. You go and sit at a table and chat with the girl for 4 minutes then the host says move along.

Every one gets a sheet where you write down the other persons name and then tick yes, no or friend.

At the end of the session you hand this in and then the next day you matches are published on the website.

He arrived with a friend at about pm he looked around at the ladies that were already there (maybe 6-7 women at this stage) and made a disrespectful comment to me saying 'they're all old dogs, i'm not feeling it' he said that he wanted to leave and go to another event instead.

For some reason, I agreed to this and said that I would give him credit for another night (I didn't have to bear in mind) his friend stayed and took part in the event which was attended by about 15 ladies. Several weeks later Damon got in touch via e-mail and asked to go to a Singles Party at the Kensington Roof Gardens in lieu if this event which was fine so I booked him in.

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