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He calls the genre "life streaming," and his Twitter brands him as its "god." At its best, life streaming blends improv, reality TV and situational comedy; look closely, and you can catch glimpses of everything from Punk'd to Cops, and maybe even an Allan Kaprow Happening or two.

Ice & Co., none of whom have any affiliation with UCLA, kept the act up for around 30 minutes before campus police demanded they leave, citing complaints about "hate speech" from students. There's no way around the fact that much of what goes down on Ice Poseidon's stream is in poor taste.This year, he expects to earn in the low six figures, mostly from viewer donations, ad revenue, and a modest sponsorship from the North American gaming organization, Team NRG.Ice Poseidon's "act" is simple: with a mobile broadcasting rig of his own design, he streams several hours of his conspicuously eventful life almost every single day.What is on his mind is the seemingly limitless possibilities of life streaming – what it is, what it means, and what tools he can leverage to create something genuinely new.Like him or not, it's impossible to deny that Ice has succeeded at his goal beyond anyone's expectations, most of all his own.

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    They are obese and they are this and that and I'm like, listen, I get criticised and judged all the time whether it's 'she's just too pretty', 'she's not good enough', 'she wasn't a good athlete' but to be a top ten in the world at something I must have been doing something right!

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