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But still, the allure of a swingers club remained in the shadows of my subconscious, like a monster under a child's bed waiting for the lights to go out so it could come out and play. I determined it was best to keep my inner freak in the closet, lest I be ostracized or deemed non-girlfriend material.Relations are reserved to be determined by those at play.If a club employee notices a person creeping too close, or notices anyone who appears uncomfortable or objects, the creepster is ejected from the club, along with the surrendering of the person's membership.Activities involving such clubs fall under two categories: "on-premise" refers to sexual activities conducted on-site; "off-premise" means the venue is used as a place to facilitate the meeting of other swingers, but sexual activities are conducted elsewhere.[page] The difference between the reputable clubs and others has to do with honesty and safety.The remainder of the week, only couples and single females are allowed.

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Once everyone feels comfortable, educated about each other's histories, and the ground rules have been established, the sexual play can commence. On average, swingers clubs do not offer an economical entry price.

At one less reputable club, according to a former patron who commented on condition of anonymity, the game is manipulated by the owners to ensure a return in their clients, single males in particular.

"During the week [Tuesday and Thursdays] around lunch time [known as the "Afternoon Delight Party"], the single men are charged a fee to come to the club," says the former club patron.

At the very least, condoms and a desire to quiz your potential partner about his or her sexual history are necessary.

A swingers club is no different than your standard nightclub where you hope to find a partner — sexual, romantic, or otherwise.

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