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(CNN) -- Instant messaging and e-mails are replacing love letters.

Instead of meeting prospects in singles bars or at parties, many people are pursuing the dating game online.

If you’ve been on online dating sites, you’ve definitely met a “pen pal” -- these are men (and maybe women; I haven’t asked my straight guy friends and this doesn’t seem as common among my gay guy friends) who want to text, talk and sext all damn day. We all have family, friends and colleagues to contend with.

Men get off on videos and photos but I need real, live human flesh. I generally give them three-five days to set a date -- even if that date is another week in advance (we’re all busy), but if they haven’t set a date three-five days into talking? If you’re mad that I am unavailable for a week, that’s bullshit.

And it may not be because you look like Tom Hardy (although if you’re out there, reading this and you do look like Tom Hardy, please refer to my #eats By Vix series and slide right into my DMs…

seriously), it may be because I think your brain is brilliant and your sense of humor is exactly my cup of tea.

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CULLUM: One of the most erotic, exciting things in the entire world is to get a love letter, and that's basically what e-mails are. Why can't people be a little cuter with each other?Why are they afraid to smile at each other on the street? Why can't you talk to people that you're in the office with?Because you know what -- we have these stupid rules that prevent us from acting like men and women, and that's the real chemistry. CULLUM: But the other part of it is, don't you think we've all had these high expectations about ourselves?BEGALA: Where I used to work, you say that, and boy you had to go to the penitentiary.CARROLL: You know that's really sad because now we have to go get videos to figure out how to communicate with each other.

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