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Now the adolescence age is 10-24—24 being the end of college as a rite of passage.After this extended adolescence is over though, Harvey explains that boys become men and they realize that it’s time to settle down.I advise the women on Catholic Match who are looking to decode men to pick up this book. Does he have the right idea when describing men as well as women?I’d also be interested to see what men have to say about it. I’d love to hear the thoughts of Catholic Match members about Harvey’s points of view.

And for the record, I am right 98 percent of the time.

I think media and society recognizes the value of African-American women, as they should. They have held together families seemingly on their own.

And the focus is on them because there is such a wide disparity in available men of the same race because of educational problems, incarceration problems, unemployment problems.

Why do you think the book resonated with so many women? What women don't understand is that men, we're all the same. If you're dealing with a man, I know what you're up against.

And so "Straight Talk, No Chaser" is intended to answer all the questions you heard from women on the road. There is no creature on this earth more inquisitive than a woman. Give a man everything he needs, but not until you get what you need. Why do you keep relinquishing that power to men, when it's men that need you? Not long ago, you were on a "Nightline" panel about black women and dating, which has been a hot media topic for the past year.

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