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It’s funny to see all these birds engaged in this hopeless struggle — and kind of sad when you get good enough to leave them behind.

Flap MMO Streaming music service Spotify proudly boasts more than 20 million songs in its catalog, but truth is that no one’s listened to nearly a quarter of those tracks.

The site blends Google Maps with local police data, pinpointing where crimes have recently occurred and which types of crimes they were.

Each crime features a send-to-a-friend link so you can let your neighbors know what’s going on, and you can create email alerts to stay informed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

You just pick the image you want, and the site automatically figures out what’s in the foreground, presenting a few different levels of background removal to choose from.

But Does It Float is mindful enough to get out of the way, with short descriptions (“In one way or another, we’re all anchored to the book”) preceding works that often stretch beyond the length of the screen.

Whether you like the art or not, you’ve got to appreciate the gallery.

That’s enough to keep us interested, even if major media organizations are in the crosshairs.

Click Hole Keep an eagle-eyed view on your neighborhood with Crime Reports.

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