Updating automatic electric monophone

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AE Intercoms, Auto-Com, Idealfones, Serv-U-Fones, P-A-X, Monotype manual and magneto systems.

32A47, 32A48, 33A17, 33A18, 33A10, 34A16, 32A1, 32A21, 35A5, 32A14, AM-10 Outdoor Monophone, AM-21 Flush Wall Telephone, Switchboards, Monochime, Extensicord.

was found in the archives of former Automatic Electric? The book was published in April 1955, just before the merger with GTE took place. It has been scanned by Jan Verhelst, former employee of ATEA on February 28, 2012.

Includes 80E, 80E conversion kit, AE90M, Starlite, Styleline, 183 Spacemaker, 95 Panel, 881 Speakerphone, 890 Data Retrieval Subset, 187 Multi-line, 85 Two-line, Key System Equipment, Secretarial Answering Equipment, Outdoor Housing, Railroad Telephones (Magneto), Test Telephones, Signals, Keys, Dials, Handsets, Accessories, Electronic Secretary, Conference Set, Entryphone, and Voice and Data Couplers.

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So I would welcome any feedback on mistakes (I don't think so) or additions that would be helpful." 38 pages.

dark brown leather, light brown leather, white leather swirl.

BLK Black BLU Blue GRN Green LGR Lime Green CBR Cocoa Brown CRD Cherry Red ORG Orange HGD Harvest Gold BGE Beige ASH Ash IVY Ivory WHT White (Limited Edition Swirl Sets in Slenderet Desk models only -- ca.

Colors are divided into "standard production colors" found in the manufacturers' literature, and "other colors" that were available on a special order or custom basis.

Other colors also includes sets that are in collections, but haven't been found in catalogs yet.

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