Updating nintendo game boy

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Nintendo's unleashed an avalanche on us today, faithful e Shop followers -- eight different downloads in total spread across the company's various digital storefronts.

The headliners are the surprise re-release of the original Game Boy version of Tetris, the surprise spontaneous release of the free Swapnote application for 3DS owners -- since it wasn't announced in this morning's press release – and the highly anticipated arrival of Wayforward's Mighty Switch Force. ) about scribbling little block shapes into position inside various outlines.

Most recently, a Youtuber took an OG Nintendo Game Boy and gave it a 2016 update.

User Wermy of Sudo Mod modded a Game Boy, adding a color screen and more buttons, while allowing it to play hundreds, if not thousands of games, from the original NES to Sega consoles, old arcade titles and the Super Nintendo. Beyond adding two buttons to the handheld, the updated Game Boy also has a 3.5-inch coclor display — a major upgrade over the black-and-white visuals of the OG.

It's satisfying to take a look at an outline, then take a look at the available shapes you have to fill it, then lay stylus on screen to draw out your answer instead of "grabbing" a block and spinning it into place, as Puzzle Fever did.

Doodle Fit isn't quite as challenging since you don't have to spin your pieces, so that could either be a turn-off for puzzler fans who want something tougher or a positive point for newcomers just getting into this type of game.

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DSi Shop: 800 Points | 3DS e Shop: .99 Here's something new for the Twilight fan in your life – a hidden object game centered on investigating vampires.These updates typically install performance updates, including faster software, new applications, and options that make navigating the system menu and the Nintendo 3DS Game Store easier.New anti-piracy measures are usually put into place during updates too. Although they’re usually quick, painless installs, problems can arise.Doodle Fit's previously been made available in places like Apple's App Store, so I'll insert my default caveat here that buying this on i Phone is probably cheaper – if that's an option for you.But I like it in DSi form, and five bucks isn't too much to ask for what you'll be getting here.

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