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“That’s the power of the movies,” says Padukone, 31, who has a Kardashian-esque social following (17.1 million on Twitter, 33 million on Facebook).

“They are so global and it puts you in touch with so many people.”In her first American action film, Padukone stars as Serena Unger, a knife-throwing huntress and former love interest of bad-boy athlete-turned-spy Xander Cage (Vin Diesel).

Like her father, Padukone was competitive in badminton growing up, though Pilates comprises more of her workout schedule now — which helped when it came to the physicality of .She’s recruited to join Cage’s posse of thrill-seekers working to keep a deadly rival (Donnie Yen) from snagging a weapon that can control military a gun battle alongside co-star Ruby Rose that was choreographed like a ballet dance.“I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that in the movies before,” says Padukone. “The minute you step onto a film set that has action, all of it is dangerous."I use it to my advantage sometimes.” annual top-10 list, which also included Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston. A veteran of several song-and-dance numbers in movies, Padukone understands the hype for the Oscar-contending crowd-pleaser.She earned million in 2016, including endorsements with Tissot, Nike and Coke, and has succeeded in Bollywood, which like Hollywood also has a large gender pay gap. Yes, of course I fight for it,” Padukone says about pay equality. “There’s so much of that movie that works: the acting, the honesty, the songs.

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