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For dates to be convertible to our modern calendar, they must relate to a fixed event.

Years are reckoned by eras, which start at a fixed point in history.

Though he was a Puritan in theology, he was a royalist in his stedfastness to the king and the principle of divine right of kings.

The most famous was undoubtedly that made by Bishop James Ussher in the seventeenth century.

The question of the age of the Earth represented a major field of theological study, and within that context the quality of Ussher’s work was outstanding.

James Ussher was born in 1581 and entered Trinity College Dublin when he was only 13 years old (in its founding class of 1594).

Five hundred years after Christ, a monk in Rome named Denys le Petit proposed that the birth of Christ be the fixed point or reference for the Christian era.

According to his careful research, le Petit felt Christ was born in the Roman year 753. Strange sounding, isn't it, that Jesus would be born "before Christ"?

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