Validating an email address in php

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For those who need to see a working demo of the j Query contact form, you can check it out here.

First, let’s create the markup for our contact form.

After that, we now need to add a class attribute to our input fields.

If you just need a required field you just add class=”required” to the input tag and when you need to require and validate an email so that the format is correct then you need to add class=”required email”.

That constant is the filename of the current file, relative to the document root.

Create a new page called (or whatever name you want as long as it has a PHP extension).

Having a PHP file affords us the luxury of only having a single page to display and at the same time process our contact form.

You need a j Query contact form for your website but don’t know how to create one? A contact form is very helpful in giving your visitors a way to contact you.

In this tutorial, I will help you on how to create your own j Query contact form using PHP and JQuery. We only need a single page for our contact form and this page will contain the markup, PHP to process our contact form and JQuery validating.

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