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With their latest full-length being released on their own label (Kung Fu Records), the band is set to give the fans the album they have always wanted, MTV be damned.

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Ten albums and 20 years after their 1982 debut EP Peace Through Vandalism, the Vandals are stealing the spotlight yet again.This cd has more of the funny lyrics and catchy choruses and beastiality that youve come to expect from the masters of joke-rock. when i first heard the Vandals i was truely amazed, but changing your sound to gain 14 year old girls as fans maybe pretty 'funny'..thats the area where bands like Blink 182 will always succeed, this is awful, the worst thing ive spent my hard earned cash on.I dont want to slag them off totally, 'live fast.... are amazing albums, but i dont think i can ever appreciate them the same evere again.El vocalista Steven Ronald "Stevo" Jensen y el guitarrista Jan Nils Ackermann iniciaron el grupo, tocando con varios músicos antes de que tomase forma el cuarteto definitivo con el bajista Steve "Human" Pfauter y Joe Escalante, entonces en la batería. La banda rápidamente consiguió cierta reputación entre la comunidad punk de Los Ángeles y Orange County con bandas como Bad Religion, Descendents, Black Flag, TSOL, X, The Germs, Suicidal Tendencies y Social Distortion.

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