Websense reporter updating activex objects

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The worldwide growth is connected consumers, businesses, and other types of organizations is staggering.A study conducted by IDC (2001) estimates the following at of the Internet continues to grow rapidly worldwide.Some are discounting heavily; free-shipping offers are commonplace.Gap Inc., for instance, is waiving standard delivery fees on orders of 0 or more until Dec. There were 50 global online users of the new World Wide Web in 1990.In the developed world the proliferation of mobile phones and other Internet access devices will maintain these growth rates even once PC penetration has reached saturation.--- This site is great for definitions and explanations.Through the use of business process outsourcers -- such as call centers, payroll and HR processing services -- professional practices are able to improve client services, expand their practices, and improve practice profitability."These accountants have gained a comprehensive solution that combines our online accounting technology services with business process outsourcing models," said Insynq president John Gorst."e-Accounting is one of the few providers in the industry with a service model that encompasses online accounting applications, data management, document management and workflow tools."Insynq will co-sponsor a series of seminars in the top 25 U. markets over the next four months for CPAs, accountants and bookkeepers that explain the online accounting model.

mod=technology_featured_stories_hs A year or two later, traditional retailers had their revenge, of course, when stock certificates of such companies as Inc., e Toys Inc. These specialty online retailers are prospering at a time when overall online sales are booming.Why Web usage statistics are (worse than) meaningless --- Internet Sizer (This site has a link to a neat graph that shows the increase in Web use in a spinning real-time counter.It resembles the counter on Times Square that used to show the increases in the U. National Debt.) Web Characterization --- Listings from --- organized collection of Internet statistical surveys.Online shopping also tends to be more weather-proof; many snowbound Northeasterners ventured out into cyberspace instead of the elements to continue their holiday shopping this past weekend.Still, a mere 4.5% of total retail spending is expected online this year, compared with 3.6% in 2002.

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