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He was my friend, my mentor and the best example I ever had. "So Anita bonita, what more do you want to know about me? He was the one who really believed in me and when something weird happens in my life I hear my father's voice."The whole tone of our conver- sation has changed. In Brazil, France, Romania, Italy, and others, Iglesias is the most successful foreign record seller, while in his home country, Spain, he has sold the most records in history, with 23 million records.During his career, Iglesias has won many illustrious awards in the music industry, including the Grammy, Latin Grammy, World Music Award, Billboard Music Award, American Music Award and Lo Nuestro Award.Julio's status as a world-class singer is matched only by his reputation as a world-class seducer.At some point the figure of 3,000 conquests was attached to him. I learn from women, I adore women."Of course I flirt - I always have.But he made it clear HE has no interest in notching up 3,000 conquests (real or not) and Julio has not met Enrique's girlfriend of 12 years, ex--tennis player Anna Kournikova."He never introduced me to her but my wife and the other kids have met her," says Julio."Maybe I will meet her when they get married."Is he a better father this time round? If it is a question of time then definitely I give more time to these kids. All parents want their children to succeed but you never expect your kids to get SO big."There is Liza Minelli and Michael Douglas but I can't think of any other cases where the parent and child have big success.

In 1968 he won an international song-writing contest in Benidorm with a song he had written called La Vida Sigue Igual (Life Goes On Just The Same) which led to a record deal with Columbia Records' Spanish arm and launched his career.It was 1981 and punk and the new romantics were all the rage but it was Julio's tremulous high tenor voice that went to number one.It didn't hurt that he had the sort of smouldering Latin looks that sent uptight Anglo-Saxon women into a swoon.But the love I feel is the same for all of them."You know, I see Enrique only one or two times a year because he is going all over the world."Sometimes we follow each other's plane. I am very privileged because my kids have amazing lives."Julio's own father was also a hard act to follow. "Julio Iglesias performs at the Royal Albert Hall on May 13 and 19. His album 1 The Collection is released on May 19 by Sony Music.I land somewhere and they tell me, 'Oh your son will land in one hour' and I wait for him."But if they tell Enrique I will land in one hour he doesn't wait for me. Julio senior was an eminent gynaecologist in Madrid who was 90 when he fathered his last child."I miss him very much.

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