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The series airs on El Rey Network and is distributed internationally by MGM.

Marisela Peña, president of AAA Wrestling, has a tradition: She brings an urn, a vase made of gold and silver so ornate it practically glows, to every major AAA event.

As seen in the photo, Rey Mysterio and Konnan were on hand to watch Dominick’s training session.

Rey Mysterio, who is currently attracting fans with his skills at the Lucha Underground, has said "you never say never" when discussing his possible return to the WWE.

” As Mysterio flew over him, Aguayo lay still, then slumped to the bottom rope and, finally, to the canvas. The cause of death was cardiac arrest, likely the result of a cervical stroke that occurred when his neck was broken. Peña’s speech outside the locker room is brief, a few words on the company’s success and the tragic circumstances of this evening. Konnan listens as Cage runs through the outlined finish.

It ends with another AAA tradition: a cheer for the departed. “Super kick, one, two, that’s the slow count, DDT, slow count, we head to the top rope, I catch him, power bomb off the ropes, false finish, low blow, he takes me into the chair that’s set up in the corner the whole time, then arm bar.” “Just so you know, I talked to Alberto. “I need it to be pure and crisp.” Before exiting, he remembers a big stunt planned for the match.

Dominick Gutierrez, who some of you may remember from an angle they did between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero over a decade ago, is training to become a pro wrestler.

Fans have a ringside seat as masked villains and heroes face off to battle for wrestling supremacy.New York, NY – I dig the photo El Rey Network sent me of Lucha Underground luchador, Rey Mysterio, tossing the first pitch before Sunday’s San Diego Padres 6-3 win over the Washington Nationals.Now in it’s second season, you can catch Lucha Underground every Wednesday at El Rey Network.On the night of Friday, March 20, 2015, Aguayo wrestled in Tijuana in a four person match that, when compared with the bloody brawls he was known for, appeared fairly sedate. “Up until the moment we were both on the ropes, everything was totally normal.” About five minutes in, Aguayo charged one of his opponents, Óscar “Rey Mysterio” Gutiérrez Rubio, in the corner, where Mysterio delivered Aguayo a double boot to the face. “The people of Mexico feel a pain in their heart.” The mourning spread across borders.Aguayo then rolled forward and took a flying head scissors to the outside, resulting in an awkward bump on the ring apron. “I was just in Colombia and there were fans with tears in their eyes, holding pictures of him,” Aguayo’s on-screen girlfriend Taya Valkyrie says through her own tears.

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