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She knows how to break down to the perfect word for every emotion.” She says, “He is so calm, nothing bothers him.

It is like he lives in a bubble.” He concurs: “A lot of times I just feel like I am floating above my life.” She has been floating by his side for a long time.

, they hadn’t seen enough of each other, and they needed to catch up, breathe some Northwest air, and maybe even vanish into a crowd unrecognized.

They walked over to Wright Park, determined to have an ordinary day in the sun at Ethnic Fest, the city’s annual event celebrating diverse cultures with world music, gospel, and African dance.

Maybe she keeps part of him on the ground—whatever it is, it seems to work. Seattle-born Sanjaya Malakar is the most memorable character ever to emerge out of the reality show/sadomasochistic amateur night called are well trained in the ways of television and pop culture, Sanjaya was, and still is to some degree, an outsider to both.

He sang a pitch-perfect “Bésame Mucho” but limped through a cringe-inducing, spaced-out “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” When he performed “You Really Got Me,” he didn’t sing the words so much as shout them, as female fans in the audiences deliriously shouted back.

A Google search for “Sanjaya Hair” turns up half a million results including a magazine timeline entitled “Sanjaya’s Hair: A Look Back.” In the early rounds, the judges trash-talked him relentlessly.

But every week, voters in the TV audience kept dialing the number to bring him back.

At times he seemed like the class clown, waiting patiently for the teacher to lose it.

By March 13, 2007, the contestants had been winnowed down to 12, Sanjaya among them.

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